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Vitamin c otherwise known as ascorbic acid can be gotten from fruits and vegetables. However, it is sold in tablets and capsules,
Historically, vitamin C was used for preventing and treating scurvy. These days, vitamin C is used most often for preventing and treating the common cold. Some people use it for other infections, including gum disease, acne and other skin conditions, bronchitis, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease, stomach ulcers caused by bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, tuberculosis, dysentery (an infection of the lower intestine), and skin infections that produce boils (furunculosis). It is also used for infections or inflammation of the bladder and prostate, nerve pain, and complications during pregnancy. Other uses include increasing the absorption of iron from foods. Vitamin C is also used in combination with a drug called deferoxamine to increase the removal of iron from the blood. Some people use vitamin C to correct a protein imbalance in certain newbo…


The struggle of a Nigerian man is a broad topic. A whole lot is expected from an African man. It can be frustrating mosttimes but every African man is expected to live up to the standard of his mates. The weight is placed on the African man as soon as he comes into the world. There are a whole lot of things expected of the African male child. Most go through with it, whilst others choose their paths. The African man is expected right from an early age to be strong. He is expected to hide every form of weakness and build a strong wall around him. A lot of young African male children think crying is a show of weakness. The Igbo male child must be initiated into the masquerade system as this helps build the ego of the child. The young children follow their fathers to the farms and plant and harvest as much as possible. They are told not to allow the female not to beat them in class just to show their strength, intelligence and also to give them a sense of responsibility.   The African mal…


Cesarean section has been an alternative to the normal delivery and has reduced mother and child mortality rate in the country. However, the African society has some ancient beliefs that do not concur with the procedure. In this article, we'll be talking about the problems faced and also the cause of the beliefs.

 What is the cesarean section? A cesarean section may be used to describe the delivery of the foetus through a surgical incision on the anterior uterine wall. Due to progress in medicine,  the procedure has become safer. The cesarean section is done to protect the lives of the mother and child but then, mothers face a lot of destination from the members of the community after delivery. Having discussed with some people, I arrived at a conclusion the discrimination is caused because of
The rural community's religion and beliefs.    Most people believe that vaginal delivery is what makes a woman a true woman. The belief that those who go through the caesarean section no…


What is sugar?  Sugar is a substance extracted from plants like sugarcane and sugar bead which is refined into white crystalline substances. They have an effect on bloodstream insulin and brain Why is sugar addictive?  It is addictive because they cause a supernatural release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the primary neurotransmitter involved in addiction. Studies have shown that sugar can substitute addictive drugs like cocaine. Cutting sugar out may lead to depression and behavioural disorders such as ADHD, refined sugar and opioid drugs trigger a similar response from the brain's reward system, both releasing dopamine, and other pleasure-inducing chemicals.
 Getting used to this feeling leads to a craving for more to get the same response, leading to addiction.
Consuming sugar produces effects similar to that of cocaine, altering mood by inducing reward and pleasure
   It can be more rewarding and attractive. The brain chemistry of those addicted to a drug and those addicted…


Ampiclox is a penicillin derived broad spectrum antibiotic which contains Ampicillin and Cloxacillin. It is used in treating bacteria infections. This is the most widely used drug in Nigeria among people of all ages whether being prescribed by a doctor or through self medication. Actually I don’t know how it became so popular among its peer maybe probably because it’s an antibiotic but the fact is there are plenty other antibiotics. in this article, we will be addressing the common misconceptions of the antibiotic. I want you to know that, Ampiclox is not a:
Most ladies use this drug after sex in hopes that it will act as an emergency contraceptive and this idea is totally wrong as it does nothing of such. Read about emergency contraceptives HERE

The area where it is greatly abused is after sexual intercourse which would make me concentrate more on this area. Both guys and ladies take Ampiclox immediately after sexual intercourse thinking…


Some weeks ago,  I was traveling back and saw a group of people hawking orthodox medicine and I thought I'd seen it all.HERE

  The journey started and I put on my headphones and was trying to rest my head, when I heard people clapping and singing.  I thought the man was the regular prayer leader who normally led the prayers for safety, admonishes the passengers and asked for offerings or pleaded for their ministries to be supported.  The prayers ended and he started talking to the passengers. My headphones were still on, I noticed the lady beside me was bursting out with laughter.  I noticed that he was engaging the crowd. He made jokes about virtually everything. He talked about politics, the church, said some very ancient quotes and adages. I knew something was wrong!  No one just wakes up and decides to crack things as little as a joke to passengers.  He kept on talking and finally talked about health.  He talked about different ailments with very little knowledge on the ailment…


Nigerians put their lives at risk in a lot of ways. One of the many ways is taking non-prescription drugs.
 On a hot day , I took a bus.  Whilst waiting for the passengers to come on board,  I saw some men hawking some drugs and then I saw people buying drugs from them.  They asked "Aboki you get TM? " He nodded and looked round,  dipped his hand in his box and handed it to them.  It was really sad to see that drugs which were supposed to be controlled,  where flooding the streets . In this article,  I will be highlighting the downsides of buying drugs from street hawkers.  The reasons  are enumerated below.

Improper storage of drugs.
  Most people buy drugs without knowing much about them.  Buying a drug from a reputable pharmacy  however,  protects you from buying drugs that may have not been properly stored . Some drugs require room temperature , whilst some need to be refrigerated . The street drug hawker has little or no knowledge on the storage of drugs and may eventuall…